the smallest things

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a blog not only about an intrepid collegian's shenanigans, chimerical inspirations, moxie, recipes, snark, but also life and all the small things she thinks she knows about it.


by Sarah Wexler (Brooklyn)

Let’s face it: Winter is here to stay (for a few more months anyway). So why not curl up fireside with a great book that’s so engrossing you hardly even remember the slushy snow that was at the bottom of your boots all week long? Here are our top four picks for…


I am sick of the pink ribbons. I’m sick of the pink cupcakes, pink golfballs, pink potato chips, pink employee t-shirts at Panera Bread.

I am sick of being told to “feel myself up” for my own health by cocky college boys, while every day more and more men are surprised to learn that breast cancer…

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Basharat Peer on the shooting of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who wanted to go to school:

Photograph: AP.

what a woman.